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Tahoe Rim Trail Hike

About Me

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My Background

I've always loved taking pictures of the things most people over look so when I had the opportunity to add a macro lens to my equipment bag, the world opened up for me. I love to hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and find that I spend most of my time with my camera pointed at the ground instead of the breathtaking vistas. 

Just Getting Started

I haven't had my Nikon for long and I am excited about the journey ahead as I begin to learn my new camera, it's settings and especially post processing. I try to do most of my work "in camera" as I begin to learn the Creative Cloud Suite. This is a big step up from taking photos with my iPhone and a magnifier.

Why Entropy Studios

I have a strange fascination with the natural order of disorder and I find my camera pointing at the decomposition of nature as much as the blooming. Don't be surprised if you see some pictures of less appealing subjects since they usually draw my attention first. I hope you are as intrigued by my photos as I am.

Things are Changing

As time goes by I have become interested in Astro Photography and Wildlife photography. I love to find out of the way places and see if I can get unique one of a kind shots.  Click here to visit my main website to read blogs and stories about the photos I've taken.